Consulting software developers



We’re a boutique software development studio based in Brisbane, Australia.

For over 25 years our team has created premium software that’s been used by over 100 million people worldwide.

We work with clients and partners in Australia, the United States, Europe, the UK and Asia.

If you need an application designed or built — be it prototype, MVP, internal tool, or fully fledged consumer or B2B product — talk to us.

Why work with us?

You’ll get…


  • clear communication

  • timely delivery

  • flexibility

  • peace of mind

  • value for money

Our software…


  • solves your problem

  • delights your users

  • is fast and efficient

  • is maintainable

  • works day in, day out, for years

Have a software project in mind?

Some of our projects

Pinball games

As Wildfire Studios, for many years we made a business out of developing computer pinball simulations. It all started with the...

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(as Wildfire Studios) Tumblebugs and Tumblebugs 2 are original IP, fully self-funded. Tumblebugs was a worldwide casual games chart topper...

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Soap Star

Soap Star is a mobile game designed and developed for Hoodlum. You play characters in soap operas, driving the stories forward by choosing...

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