League Leaders

League LeadersĀ is a fantasy football gambling engine and reference game we developed for Eyecon, as Wildfire Studios.

Our work on the project included:

  • Distributed system architecture
  • All backend development
  • Supporting front-end devs with comms libraries
  • Design and implementation an RNG-driven simulation of Premier League football, where at any time a player can choose to bet on over 14,000 possible options
  • Engineering for stringent gaming regulatory requirements (including platform security, verifiable statistical randomness properties, and strict just-in-time game results simulation)

The platform is a distributed system of scalable services connected with ActiveMQ.

It is written in Java, Kawa Scheme (a Scheme for the JVM), MySQL, and Flash.

Client Eyecon
Platform Web
Tech Java, Kawa Scheme, MySQL, ActiveMQ, Jetty, Flash