Paradox¬†is an iPad app for use by Queensland Ambulance paramedics to enter patient care history while they’re out in the field.

QAS and dbXpress approached us to create a prototype iPad app to replace their ageing toughbook (laptop) and Windows setup.

The pain

The pain caused by the existing system was made abundantly clear.

Paramedics were required to lug around cumbersome, heavy laptops from job to job all day (or all night!)

After treating each patient, the poor paramedic would sit there for often half an hour or more, contending with a 90’s-era Windows desktop UI shrunk to a laptop screen, painstakingly picking tiny dropdowns and expander boxes with the trackpad or titmouse.

In an already stressful job, this was sometimes too much and there were reports of paramedics punching in screens or drop-kicking toughbooks in sheer frustration… :/

Damaged hardware aside, the point is that happier paramedics will give better care, and less time spent entering data means more time treating patients.

The treatment

The project needed an obsessive focus on usability, stat.

And being a medical app, data integrity was also critical.

Collaborating closely with colleagues at dbXpress and QAS, and frequently focus testing with paramedics, we meticulously crafted each screen to make sure it was clear, simple, fast, and easy to use.

We applied our realtime 3D graphics expertise to the patient assessments: the user can quickly and intuitively pinpoint a region of interest on a multi-layered 3D body and record the injuries. No other patient care record app came close. 

The outcome

The result of the team’s efforts is a beautiful app that is a joy to use, earning praise from the paramedics and QAS, and interest in licensing from foreign and other domestic emergency services.



Queensland Ambulance Service
and dbXpress

Platform iPad
Tech Objective C, SQLite