Integrity 20

Griffith University’s Integrity 20 program gathers remarkable people from Australia and around the world to examine and discuss some of our greatest social, moral and political challenges. Programs include a 3-day annual public-facing conference, and a series of year round events and online activities. The programs are academically rigorous but designed to appeal to a large, general public audience.

Each annual program is woven together by a overarching theme which is reflected in a key image. This image and other key design elements carry across all collateral, advertising and event branding for the year.

    Double Dash has undertaken the following design work for Integrity 2015 – 2020:

    • Key image | Concept art and collaboration to final product
    • Event programs, advertising, event collateral | Design and layout for a range of print and digital assets including The Australian multi-page program lift-out (est. distribution 250k)
    • Stage and theatre design | Concept
    • On-screen branding and animation | Design and layout
    • Visual and written communications | Design and implementation of advertising campaigns
    • website | Design, creation and maintenance
    Integrity 20'19 poster image. Illustration of two hands releasing red and white butterflies with the text For Tomorrow
    Client Griffith University
    Design Print and digital
    Photo of the Integrity 20'19 print program for The Australian

    Photo of Seth Stephens Davidowitz giving a keynote speech and the Integrity 20'18 conference.

    Photo of the Integrity 20'17 poster. Image includes red glasses and an upside down umbrella with the text Truth Disorder and Optimism
    Photo of a full theatre for the 2016 Integrity 20 conference.
    Photo of performer Kev Carmody opening the Integrity 20'17 conference with a full theatre.
    2015 Global Integrity Summit poster art.
    Photo of the opening of day 2 of the 2017 Integrity 20 conference. Photo features singer Emma Dean standing beneath upside down umbrellas.
    Integrity 20'16 poster