Tendril is the working title of an application currently in development.

It’s a cloud platform for content and digital rights management, realtime telemetry streaming, and remote control of mobile devices and PCs.

The story

Our client, Real Serious Games (RSG), is a long established business that specialises in Extended Reality (XR) development and consulting.

They engaged us as highly skilled architects / designers / developers whom they could trust with the creation of a new platform, who would just “get it done” without handholding or micro management, and who have a commitment to quality.

We initially worked with RSG to produce project requirements, a technical design, and the production schedule.  They promptly green-lit development.

Double Dash’s involvement has enabled RSG management to concentrate on growing their business with a key IP investment quietly happening in parallel.

Thanks Darren. Most satisfactory!! As always your work was thoroughly professional and exactly what we needed.

Andrew Goldston

Cofounder | Director of Operations, Real Serious Games

Client Real Serious Games
Platform Web, mobile
Tech ASP.NET Core, React, PostgreSQL, EF Core, Dapper, Hangfire, Azure