Floradig is a Windows application for capturing and visualising 3D models of plant structures.

Researchers use 3D digitisers to sample plants — from small potted seedlings to giant macadamia trees out the field — for later modelling and simulation.

Way back…

… in 1997 Dr Jim Hanan at the CSIRO Centre for Tropical Pest Management contracted Darren to develop the first versions of Floradig.

18 years later…

Fast forward to 2015. Floradig was still being used! But it needed updating for newer versions of Windows and support for the latest 3D digitiser hardware. 

We upgraded the application to the latest compiler, revamped the UI, optimised 3D rendering, and added drivers for new digitisers.

Jim and his team were good to go again.

It’s immensely satisfying to see our software stand the test of time and to stay involved in its journey.

Clients CSIRO, The University of Queensland
Platform Windows desktop
Tech Delphi, Lazarus, OpenGL, Win32, lex/yacc